We are home grown and raised in South Central Pennsylvania…

Created by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen (and women), with you and your deer population in mind. Our mission is to provide the average hunter or deer watcher with a premium, all-natural feed and attractant that is not only extremely effective, but also extremely affordable. Antler Chow is a pelletized feed designed to resist water and mold longer. Thus making it more cost effective, less time consuming to upkeep, and allow for longer life of the feed for your deer. Not to mention it’s considered deer farm quality feed.

We’re not here to just give you an attractant full of laboratory nonsense made to taste like this, that, or the other thing while pumping your deer full of who knows what. We’re here to give you the real thing. An attractant that not only brings the deer to you but also gives them what they need in their diets. Better diet means seeing the results (aka large antlers) you’re looking for in your deer population. Deer population management should be a long-term thing. It shouldn’t be a short term, “pump the deer full of specific “antler growth only” minerals and nutrients” thing. The health of your deer population this year can affect it for years to come. Go give the deer what they really need, Antler Chow.


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