We realize that there isn’t one best deer feed for year-round use, especially when the deer need different nutrients throughout the seasons. So, we have developed two different deer feed blends for throughout the year. One feed is for the warmer months where your deer are having and raising their fawns and growing into what will be your trophy shooters over the next few years, as well as when this year’s trophy bucks are growing their antlers. The other is designed to give your deer the energy and nutrients they need to get through the harsh, food scarce winters. Each of our blends come in four all-natural flavors designed to keep your deer interested and help you pattern their movements.

To get just a wee bit more in depth, our deer feed is pelletized and bound with Pelhesion. This also acts as a water repellent and a mold inhibitor. Deer won’t eat moldy food so we’ve created our feed to stay fresh longer, while still being all natural. Our feed is deer farm quality and includes energy building nutrients and minerals, high amounts of protein, Di-Cal and Trace Minerals, as well as a calf supplement to keep the fawns healthy. We focus on what the deer actually need, not just what’s needed to bring them in to your trailcam. However, we can’t downplay the attracting power of Antler Chow. We’ve seen it bring deer in again and again so we could properly track our population and manage them effectively.

Deer Feed Blends

Summer Trophy Blend

Our Summer Trophy Blend is designed to get your deer the nutrients they need to have healthy fawns and grow large racks. The growing season is a particularly important time of year where if the deer aren’t getting the right nutrients it can wreak havoc on your entire population. Healthier fawns lead to larger, healthier buck in the future. And larger racks…and who doesn’t want that. Hence the name Summer Trophy Blend.

However, the warmer months are for more than just giving the deer what they need to grow. It’s is a vital time of the year to track your population. If you don’t keep track of the deer on your land and have a solid grasp of what the population consists of, your hunting season harvest could leave you with too little or too large of a population come the following year. Our Summer Trophy Blend is a powerful attractant to bring the deer into your trailcams. This will help you watch your population and get a good feel for what your harvest should look like in the hunting season to come.

Winter Blend*

Come winter time the deer need nutrients to have the energy to keep warm and strong through the winter. Our Winter Blend gives your deer energy as well as the roughage they will need to keep the enzymes working in their stomach throughout the winter. For the fawns their first winter is especially tough if they are not being fed the nutrients. The nutrients they get ultimately depends on what is available on the land. If they can’t find the right food on their land, chances are they are going to try and find it somewhere else. So, give them what they want and need, all while still bringing them in to your Antler Chow plot where you can get a solid look at what your population looks like.

*Special Order Only


Deer attracting Flavors


Acorns are known for their deer attracting power. Deer love them and so do we. Our Acorn Flavored Antler Chow brings the deer in consistently to our Trailcams. Acorns are a classic for outdoorsmen looking to bring in the deer. Now you can harness the awesome acorn flavor with a deer feed and attractant made with none other than real acorns. Give your deer an acorn like they’ve never had before with our Antler Chow.


Deer go crazy for the sweet taste of persimmons, however there is no flavoring quite like the real thing. So, of course, we used the real thing. In the area around Antler Chow HQ there aren’t many persimmon trees, so we use our persimmon flavored deer feed quite often to give our deer a treat they wouldn’t get otherwise. They love it and they continuously come back looking for it time and time again.

Red Delicious & Classic Apple

Just in case your deer like a variety of apples we have Red Delicious and Classic Apple flavors to fit your deer feed needs. Forget about setting your trailcam up around the apple trees on your land, if you have any that is, and bring the apples to you. Give them the type of apple they really want. An apple that will make their antlers grow larger and the doe and fawns stronger.


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